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FedEx Web Services

The steps below outline how to obtain you FedEx API key. These credentials will enable rate calculation and address validation.
  1. Go to
  2. Log in Username /Password.
  3. Click FedEx Web Services.
  4. Select Develop & Test Your Application.
  5. Click the Get Test Key located towards the bottom of this page.
  6. Register for the FedEx Test System Access by completing the contact information form.
  7. You will be given test credentials  - Account #, API Key, and Meter #. You will receive the the Test API password via email.
  8. Open ShipBridge > Menu > Options > FedEx tab.
  9. Enter the Test credentials into their fields.
  10. Uncheck the Use Production Server checkbox and click Generate Production Access Request Files that will appear to the right.
  11. Save the files. The files will include sample FedEx labels, with different files for the various FedEx shipping services.
  12. Go back to
  13. Navigate Technical Resources > FedEx Web Services for Shipping > Move To Production.
  14. Click the Obtain Production Key at the bottom of the Move to Production page.
  15. Complete the registration for FedEx Web Services Production Access. Enter the client's real account number in both account fields, the production key, and test meter number.
  16. On the following screen will be the production Authentication Key and Meter Number. The new API password for production will be emailed to you.
  17. Send the Ground Labels to Send the express labels to label@fedex.comEach file must be emailed together with the completed Label Cover Sheet (obtained from your FedEx rep, see attached sample).
  18. You will receive a password via email once they verify that the request files we sent them are correct. 
  19. Replace test credentials with the new credentials. Authentication Key = API Key. 
  20. Check Use Production Server and click the Test Credentials button. 
Yaakov Borenstein,
Jan 14, 2014, 12:33 PM