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Preventing Orders from Shipping

Often there is a need to prevent or flag certain orders from shipping until certain criteria is met. Below is outlined several scenarios of how to prevent or flag orders from being shipped in the regular process.

No Payment 
By default, retail orders that are unpaid will not ship, nor will they load into ShipBridge. 
Wholesale orders will load into ShipBridge, but will not be able to ship until the Customer has been defined as a Wholesale customer and allowed to ship unpaid orders. Configure in the following way:
  1. Enable Client setting Allow shipping unpaid orders.
  2. Navigate Company Settings > Toolbox > Shipping. Enable the setting Allow shipping regardless of payment status for selected customers.
  3. Open the Customer tab and search for that customer.
  4. Click on the Wholesale User checkbox. 
  5. That will reveal another checkbox to Allow Shipping Unpaid Orders. Enable that option. 
  6. Save.
You can allow orders with no payment to ship for specific retail customers in the following way:
  1. Complete Steps 1 - 3 above.
  2. Uncheck the Wholesale User checkbox. 
  3. Save the settings. Although the Allow Shipping Unpaid Orders checkbox is hidden, the setting is saved to the database.  

Back Orders
There are two options of flagging orders for back orders or items with no inventory. These options are configured in ShipBridge.
  1. Colorize the row - Menu > Options > General Settings. Enable option to colorize the order row when inventory for that order falls to a set quantity. You can select a color from the pallet, and set a inventory level. The order Row will remain colorized until products in order rise above the set level.
  2. Divert Order to "Requires Attention" tab. Menu > Customize Interface > GUI tab. Enable the option Auto Move Orders with Backorder Items to Attention tab. A Requires Attention tab will display next to the Shipped and Unshipped tabs above the order grid. Backorders will import under that tab until the inventory becomes available.

DropShip Orders
Navigate Company Settings > Toolbox > Shipping. Enable Dropship = None to prevent order with any dropship status from "Pending" or greater from exporting into ShipBridge. Enable DropShip < Requested to prevent orders with a dropship status of "Requested" or greater from exporting into ShipBridge. Note: this will not prevent marking orders as Shipped in SellerCloud.

Blacklisted Orders
Orders can be set to be blacklisted based on set criteria. Read about blacklisting orders here.

For Any Reason
Orders can be placed to an On Hold status which will prevent shipping and exporting to ShipBridge.