Track Delivery Date

After an order has been delivered, SellerCloud can retrieve the delivery date from the carrier and place it on the order in the Shipped tab. (You can also click on the actual tracking number to link to the tracking page on the carrier's website.)

Please Note
  • This service will only work for orders shipped through your account. This excludes FBA orders and Ship Via FBA orders.
  • USPS, FedEx, and UPS will return an actual delivery date, and the "Delivered" status on the order will be updated.
  • The tracking service runs once a day around 3 AM EST. It looks for delivery orders up to 30 days old.
  • If there are multiple packages, the delivery date will be overwritten by the date of the most recent delivered package.

How to track the delivery date an order
  1. The OrderShipmentTrackingService must be running on your cloud environment. This service can be activated by SellerCloud Support. 
  2. Enable client setting Enable Order shipment tracking API.
  3. Enter API credentials for each applicable carrier in the Shipping API page. Read more here