Purchase Order Defaults

Under Purchase Order > Manage Defaults you can set default info, statuses and actions to be applies to purchase orders.
  • Default Company Name/Address - The default contact profile that will display in the PO PDF. If nothing is set here, then the regular company profile will be used.
  • Emails can be sent automatically when a PO is changed - meaning it status changes (like it gets received) or the PO is edited. A n email template needs to be created and selected on the PO Received and/or PO Changed template assignment. Read more about templates and assignments here. Then, check from the following settings to whom the email should be sent:  
    • Send email to purchaser when PO changes 
    • Send email to PO Creator when PO changes
    • Also send email to these email addresses:
  • PO Default Status - The status of a PO when it is created - Saved, Ordered, Pending.
  • Mark PO as Approved by Default - For clients who require POs to be approved before emailing, this setting default to approved. Manually un-approving can be done from the PO action menu.
  • Include Logo in PDF - Will include the logo of the company on the PDF

Default Ship To Warehouse and AddressIf a warehouse has been selected on the vendor's profile, the Ship To warehouse will default to that warehouse. If there is an address on the warehouse, that address will be used.