Updating eBay Listings

Automatic Updates to eBay Listing
SellerCloud sends automatic inventory and pricing updates periodically through eBay's API. Products that are not enabled for eBay will be considered as having zero quantity. 
The automatic inventory and pricing feeds can be controlled separately on the eBay General Settings page.   

Manually Updating eBay Listings
You can manually update eBay with product information as well. Below is a list of attributes that can be manual revised and the actions in the Action Menu that initiate the update. 

  eBay Properties Manage Inventory Page - eBay Mode
 Revise all product attribute fields Revise all Listings Revise on eBay 
 Quantity  Revise Qty
 eBay Mode - Revise Qty on eBay 
 Default Mode - Update Inventory on Channel 
 Price  Revise Price
 eBay Mode - Revise Price on eBay 
 Default Mode  - Update Price On Channel
 All eBay Titles Revise Title Revise Title on eBay 
 Description Template Revise Description Revise Description on eBay
 Shipping Template Revise Shipping Revise Shipping on eBay 
 Max Dispatch Time Revise Shipping Revise Shipping on eBay 
 Item Specifics Revise Item  Specifics Revise Item Specifics on eBay
 eBay Price Promotions Revise Promotions 
 Images Revise Images Revise Images eBay

Ending eBay Listings
Use the action End Listing to remove the listing from eBay. Read about out-of-stock listings here.