n-Matrix Variations

Variations of products such as size, color, and count, are assigned separate SKU by the vendor. Nevertheless, you can still list variations on one listing while retaining their separate SKUs. This action is achieved through an n-Matrix. Enable the n-Matrix functionality in the Client Settings.

n-Matrix refers to a relationship between products that share common characteristics with minor variations, such as different sizes of a pair of shoes or baseball caps from different teams. Now you might ask, what does that have to do with a matrix, and what does n stand for? For a general introduction to the term matrix, you can look at Wikipedia. In our case, the term matrix is being used to refer to how the various colors, teams and sizes of an item can form a matrix like this:

        Color     Team         Size
  • Black     Yankees     S        
  • Black     Yankees     M
  • Black     Yankees     L
  • Black     Yankees     XL
  • White     Yankees     S
  • White     Yankees     M
  • White     Yankees     L
  • White     Yankees     XL
  • Black     Mets            S
  • Black     Mets            M
  • Black     Mets            L
  • Black     Mets            XL
  • White     Mets            S
  • White     Mets            M
  • White     Mets            L
  • White     Mets            XL
We call it an n-matrix since it can have any number of dimensions. A lot of other systems only let you group items with two dimensions, size and color, but with an n-matrix you can have any number of dimensions such as size, color, team, player, year.
There are a number of actions related to n-matrix: (click on the subpages)