Options Tab

There are a few extra options:
a) 'Process every X minutes' is used to control the scheduler.
b) 'Chunk Size' controls how many records to upload at a time. There is an advantage to sending the data in parts, so that it doesn't time out.
c) 'Global SQL Timeout' handles the timeout when accessing SQL server. If the sql statement is very complex it could take a significant amount of time to gather the data, so the timeout should be set to the maximum time.
d) 'Subtract unexported order inventory quantities' handles a case where unexported orders are subtracted from the quantity available being sent to SellerCloud. SellerCloud can export orders into the 3rd party database, but until those orders are exported they should be subtracted from the quantity available being sent from the master database. For example, order might be exported from SellerCloud into the 3rd party database on Friday afternoon, but then until Monday new orders are coming in that haven't yet been exported. If SellerCloud takes the full inventory available sent by BulkUpdateTool, it will not take into account these unexported orders. This setting is designed to handle this scenario and subtract the unexported orders from the quantity available.
e) 'Disable popups when using 'Delivery Now' prevents popup messages from interrupting the delivery of data to SellerCloud when manually running and update. When first setting up BulkUpdateTool, it is good to enable the popups to see what sort of errors are happening.
f) ''Disable kits processing'  and 'Disable shadows processing' can be checked if kits and shadows don't need to be updated.
g) 'Create new products if SKU doesn't exist' does just that. If the productid sent to SellerCloud doesn't exist, it will create the product.