The FTP settings are used as to import a data file from an ftp folder to create or update products.

Configure FTP Credentials
  1. Click the Add button to add an FTP site. The Bulk Update Tool can import from multiple FTPs.
  2. Enter FTP location, Username and Password.
  3. Enter the name of the import file exactly as it appears in the FTP. You will not be able to test FTP connection or save configuration unless there is a file name in this field.
  4. Server Port - Typically, its port 21.
  5. Enable Passive Mode if the connection cannot be made due to firewalls on your server.
  6. Timeout (ms) -
  7. Ignore lines - If the first row of the file is the column headers, keep this setting at 0. If there are rows above the column headers, set the value to ignore those lines.
  8. Select company to update.
  9. Test and Save. The FTP will display in the grid. FTP imports go according to the grid order.

Download and Map File

  1. Select an FTP and click Download and Map.
  2. The left column holds all the headers in the file. Next to each header, select the corresponding SellerCloud field. Select "ID" for ProductID.
  3. To update inventory, select the SellerCloud header Warehouse Physical Inventory. Then, in the additional fields, select Warehouse Name. In the Fixed Value column enter the name of the warehouse you want the quantity to import into.
  4. Uncheck the fields you are updating.