Bulk Update Tool

The SellerCloud Bulk Update Tool is a application that can be used to synchronize data between your SellerCloud account and data from an outside source such as a sql databse or FTP source. For example, a vendor's inventory file that has been placed on an FTP, can be imported into SellerCloud to create products and update inventory through the Bulk Update Tool.

The Bulk update Tool has some options to create business rules, like setting quantities to zero if quantity on vendor file is less than a set amount. However, customers who require more rules or whose rules are complicated, should not use the Bulk Update Tool. Rather, products should be brought in through a customized product import plugin that can be developed by SellerCloud programming team.

Another consideration is that the Bulk Update Tool will import all mapped data on the file. So if there is a lot of mapped data, the import will take a longer time. A Product Import plug in can be developed just to update specified data, like inventory. Regular imports of great amounts of data can also affect server performance.

The bulk update tool is available for both 64bit(x64) and 32bit(i386) systems. 
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